Eventfrog Cashless – convenient cashless payment

Eventfrog Cashless is the first truly simple solution for cashless payment at the event.

Just a few clicks in the cockpit and you can let your visitors pay cashless with TWINT at the event, from the cloakroom to the bar. Guaranteed without any effort, contract commitment or additional devices.

Quick & easy cashing in at the event

Offer your guests a cashless payment option via TWINT at the event.

  • Cash in quickly and directly - without mental calculations or change.
  • Maximum flexibility: You only need your smartphone to collect.
  • Bundled income: The turnover from the event is transferred together with the ticket income. So you have more overview and less effort with the bookkeeping.

It's that simple

1. Activate the function in the cockpit under "Cashless collection".

2. Use the Entry app to cash in. As soon as you have selected the event, you can enter the desired amount under "Cash in cashless".

3. Now click on "Cash in now".

4. Now the QR code appears, which must be scanned by the visitor:in to pay.

5. You will receive a success message as soon as the payment is completed.

Flexible and versatile

Eventfrog Cashless is not just for making money at the bar. You can also use the function for the box office, the merchandise stand and in the cloakroom. Conveniently via smartphone: you don't need any additional devices. Our system is also fraud-proof, unlike other QR code solutions.

Easy at Eventfrog - without contract commitment and effort

Instead of negotiating with payment providers in advance and worrying about equipment rental, you can activate cashless payment via TWINT directly in the cockpit with just a few clicks.

For just CHF 0.19 per transaction and 2.8 % plus VAT, you can use the function per event.

For a successful event

Cashless payment has become a convenient standard at many venues. At Eventfrog Cashless, your visitors will be happy about the additional payment option.

This also avoids long queues at the bar or cloakroom. At the same time, you have less hassle because there is less cash to look after.

The feature can also be used at the box office during admission. Guests without an Eventfrog account can pay for their tickets without cash.

Use Eventfrog Cashless for your event

Activate now

Questions about Eventfrog Cashless?

In the help section, we have another article with clarifying questions and the instructions for activation.

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If you would like further assistance, please contact our support team by e-mail or telephone.