What are checkpoints and how do I create them?

Checkpoints can be used for different entrances. For example, if you offer normal and VIP tickets, you can add the "Main entrance" and "VIP entrance" checkpoints. The normal tickets can then be assigned to the "Main Entrance" checkpoint and the "VIP" tickets to the "VIP Entrance" checkpoint. If you now have separate entrances for the two categories, you can also select the corresponding checkpoint in the Entry app at the corresponding entrance. This means that VIP tickets are only valid at the VIP entrance and normal tickets are only valid at the normal entrance.


How do I create checkpoints? 

Click on "Edit categories" under "Categories, Room plan".

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Now click on "Options" for any category.

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Open the "Control points" tab. You can now add the desired control points by clicking on "Add control points".

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You have the option of creating different checkpoints. By ticking the box, you determine which checkpoints should apply to this category. You can then save the settings. In this example, the "Main entrance" checkpoint only applies to the "Standing room" category. 

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Once you have created the desired checkpoint for the "Standing room" category, you can carry out the same steps for the "VIP ticket" category. To do this, click on "Options". By ticking the box, you now specify that the "VIP entrance" checkpoint applies to the "VIP ticket" category. 

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How do I use control points in the Entry app?

At the event, you can log in to the Entry app with your Eventfrog account, call up the event and select the checkpoint you want to scan. If the checkpoint is selected, you can also pair additional devices that can only scan for this checkpoint. The QR code of the ticket can only be scanned once per checkpoint, after which the Entry app will show that the ticket has already been scanned with this checkpoint.

What needs to be considered when creating checkpoints?

Caution, there is a risk of fraud if checkpoints are used incorrectly. If you assign several checkpoints to a ticket, the ticket can be scanned once per checkpoint. You should therefore only assign the "main entrance" checkpoint to a VIP ticket if the ticket holder must first pass through the main entrance to get to the VIP entrance. To clarify in your individual case how you can best protect yourself against fraud or which is the best solution for your checkpoints, please contact our support team.