Sponsorship logo: Where is it printed on the tickets and where can it be seen in the event details?


Sponsoring logo on tickets and in event view

If your event is sponsored, you can offer your event sponsorship a special place for its contribution. With Eventfrog, you can display your sponsor's logo on the tickets and in the event view.

The logo will then be seen by all (potential) ticket buyers on the event view. It appears on tickets in the app and on the printed versions.

The sponsorship space is included in the Plus and Pro event packages, which are subject to a charge. You can find an overview of our event packages here >

Upload sponsoring logo

You can upload the sponsoring logo directly when you create your event with tickets (see image below) or add it later. If you have sold tickets without a logo in the free model and add the logo later, the event will switch to the higher model. The costs per ticket sale will be deducted from the previously sold tickets.

Sponsoring I

You can upload or change the sponsoring logo later in the cockpit. There are also further setting options. To do this, go to "Tickets & seating plan" and click on "Ticket design". You can upload the logo under "Sponsoring".

Sponsoring II


The optimal image size is 1080px x 660px.

You can also add the name of your sponsorship, a headline and a link to its website. The link will then lead directly to the event sponsorship on the event page.

Confirm the change by clicking on Save.

You will see a preview of the ticket with sponsorship on the right.

Screenshot Sponsor Ticket klein


In the app, the ticket sponsorship is displayed directly below the QR code that is scanned for admission.

This means that the sponsor logo is quickly and directly recognisable when the ticket is opened.

ticket detail sponsor 2


On the event view, the sponsorship is listed under the most important information about the event (location, time, date, etc.).

Sponsor Event Ansicht

As a club, are we allowed to print sponsorship on the tickets and charge for it?

Yes, this is allowed. Placing sponsorship logos or coupons on the ticket can be an exciting marketing measure for your event.

By using the sponsorship space for the logo, events fall into the paid Plus model. This means that 1.9 % of the ticket price + $0.49 per ticket sold is charged. 

The sponsorship logo can also be placed on a coupon/advertising space. This costs 0.19 CHF per ticket sold (price excl. VAT).

You are free to decide at what price you sell these logos or coupons/advertising spaces to your sponsors.