How can I switch to the higher event package?

Switching to higher event packages happens automatically when you select or want to use a function that falls into a higher event package. You can switch while you are creating an event or after creation if you are editing or optimising your event.

There are further options for active switching in the cockpit:

You will find the event overview in the cockpit. All events are listed there and in the "Event package" column you can see which package the event belongs to. The event package is labelled with its own symbol as "Free", "Plus" and "Pro". 

You will find the event package symbol next to your events and functions that fall into higher packages.

If you click on the event package symbol in the "Event package" column in the event overview, the package overview appears.

You can also display the package overview if you automatically switch to a higher package because you have selected a function from a higher event package. The so-called "Fly-out" appears on the right-hand side of the cockpit as a hint. There you can click on "Show details".

The package overview shows you which package you are currently in and which functions and costs the packages contain. To change the event package, simply click on the "Select Plus" or "Select Pro" button. You will then be shown a message box where you will find the "Change model" button. Click on "Change package" to confirm your selection.

Note: If you want to cancel your selection and switch back to a lower package, you can only do this before the first ticket sale.
Certain settings and functions that you made in the higher package may then no longer be available to you