What does "block tickets" mean?

With the "Block tickets" function, you can block a ticket contingent for a later date or reserve free tickets for your sponsors, VIP guests, members, etc. free admissions for your sponsors, VIP guests, members, etc. This means that tickets are temporarily removed from sale.

If you would then like to pass the tickets on to the persons concerned and/or print them out, please use the "Pre-sell tickets" functions. You can find out more about "Pre-selling tickets yourself" here: What does "advance ticket sales" mean? Are there public advance booking offices and can I set up advance booking offices myself?


How do I block tickets?

To block tickets, edit the desired event. Now go to "Block and pre-sell". The first menu item you will see is "Block tickets".

Now click on the corresponding button. 

A new window will open where you can enter the number of tickets for the block.

You will be shown the price and the number. Now click on the green button to block the tickets.

Note for protected categories:

If you have protected categories with an access key, you must first enter the key in order to display the categories and block them.

Can I release blocked tickets?

Yes, you can reactivate tickets at any time; individually and all at once.

To do this, go to "Orders, cancellations". All tickets that you have blocked are listed under "Blocked tickets".

It also shows when the tickets were blocked and by whom.

If you click on the red button, you can release all tickets in one go. By clicking on the grey button next to the respective ticket, you only release this ticket.

If you want to remove large quantities of tickets from sale for strategic reasons, it is advisable to use the "mass blocking" function.

Find out more at: Mass blocking - (un)block a large number of tickets at the same time >