What are Early Bird tickets?

According to the old saying "The early bird catches the worm", early bird tickets are intended to reward ticket buyers who purchase a ticket early in the first phase of pre-sales with more favourable conditions. Early bird tickets are a suitable way to really boost advance sales.

How can I register Early Bird tickets?

Click on "Edit" for the desired event.

early bird 1

Go to "Categories, seating plan" and click on "Edit categories" for the desired event.

early bird 2

Go to the "Options" of the category for which you want to add an Early Bird discount.  

early bird 3
  • Now select the Early Bird ticket as the pricing strategy under the "Price" tab
  • Enter the Early Bird price and until when this lower price should apply
  • Also enter the normal price that should apply after the Early Bird promotion expires
  • Save the settings and the adjustment to the categories
early bird 4

If you now call up the preview of the event, you can already see how the Early Bird discount is displayed.

early bird 5

What happens after the Early Bird phase ends?

When the end of the Early Bird sales phase is reached, the display switches to the normal price. The reference to the Early Bird prices disappears completely.