How are the tickets structured and which areas can I occupy?


How are the tickets structured?

The ticket is divided into two parts, which take up 1/3 and 2/3 of the A4 page. The upper third contains the ticket as the actual admission ticket with all the necessary information about the event. The lower two-thirds serve as advertising space for you or Eventfrog places its advertising there if your event is in the free model.

Event information on the ticket

The first thing you will see at the top of the ticket is the event name. The next line shows the date, time and ticket price.

The next line shows the venue and address. This is followed by the ticket category.

In the right-hand corner is the QR code including the ticket ID.

EFRG Ticket

Overwritable information on the tickets

You can change the display of the date, including time and location on the tickets.

By editing the desired category under "Ticket category, seating plan" and clicking on "Options". 

There you can change the display of the date, time and location under "Display" and overwrite it on the tickets.

You can find out more about the category options under:  Settings for ticket categories >

Ticketangaben ändern

Additional texts

Under "Ticket design" you can enter additional information on the tickets. Under "Information on tickets", you can write a short text (max. 255 characters including spaces) that will appear on the tickets.

You can also add a short text under "Text under logo organiser:in" that will appear next to your logo.

text bei bedingungen neu

Utilisation of the image areas

The event image is part of the event and is also displayed on the event detail on the website. Due to the large view on the desktop, a large image size is required here.

You can add your logo as an organiser to the address. You can find instructions here >

To display a sponsorship logo on your tickets, your event must be at least in the Plus model. More about the sponsorship image >

You can book small advertising spaces or coupon spaces in any model. They are automatically included in the Pro model, and you can book them for a fee in the other models. You can read more about our own coupons and the small advertising space here >

You can use the large advertising space, or the lower two thirds of the ticket, for yourself by activating the Pro model. You can find out more under: Can I also create the tickets without advertising and use the large advertising space myself?

Image areas and desired formats on the tickets

No. Image Optimum format Minimum format
1 Event picture 1568 x 958 784 x 479
2 Sponsoring picture 1080 x 660 540 x 330
3 Logo of the organiser 340 x 152 280 x 125
4 Image for coupon 750 x 366 552 x 330
5 Logo for coupon 276 x 135 276 x 135
6 Small advertising space 750 x 1038 552 x 764
7 Large advertising space 2263 x 2063 2263 x 2063
Ticket2023 Groessen

Own ticket design

With the Pro model, you can not only use the large advertising space for yourself, but also customise the entire ticket design.
You can find detailed instructions at: How can I design the ticket myself?